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Тест по английскому языку 18+

1. Hi. What’s ?

2. Mr Green is English teacher.

3. How you today? – I’m fine, thanks.

4. are fifteen students in my class.

5. the time? –It’s five o’ clock.

6. Franco comes Costa Rica.

7. Franco like eating English breakfast

8. How is that CD player? – It’s £19.50.

9. you walk to school or take a bus?

10. Where Carla and Yuri on Saturday afternoon?

11. Franco to the cinema after the lesson.

12. you bring your dictionary yesterday?

13. Today is than yesterday

14. Which book are you in the summer?

15. Russian? –No, I can’t.

16. He goes skiing winter.

17. What time do you get up on school days?

18. Are there big sports stadiums near your home?

19. I visit my grandma on Sunday afternoons.

20. Stella’s father is a . He built my house.

21. The hunter didn’t the tiger with his gun.

22. How CDs do you buy each year? --About 25, I think.

23. Can you get me a of mineral water please?

24. stand and touch your toes?

25. The weather’s beautiful today. sunny and warm.

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