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Тест по английскому языку 18+ (средний уровень и выше)

Choose one correct answer out of the four.

1. There aren’t students in the class today.

2. Excuse me? Can I buy green apples please?

3. my brothers live in the U.S.A.

4. When it rains we inside.

5. What you do if there is a blackout?

6. If you throw a stone into the water, it .

7. Who you talk to when you have a problem?

8. If she recharge her battery, she won’t be able to use her phone.

9. Would you go into space if you the chance?

10. Who the washing-up in your house?

11. How are you? I haven’t seen you a long time?

12. I haven’t eaten any meat I became a vegetarian.

13. I her since she went to Germany.

14. We French by Mr Dubois, the French teacher.

15. The race by Paul Lucas in 92.8 seconds.

16. How have you had this boat?

17. I’ll come and see you after I my essay.

18. Paul McCartney comes from Liverpool, he?

19. The teacher told me worry about my exam results.

20. The teacher told me .

21. He is officer in the army.

22. United Kingdom consists of four countries; Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

23. Look at that girl in her Ferrari. She be very rich!

24. Don’t forget to take an umbrella. It rain!

25. That Brad Pitt — not in this small town!

26. He had to get off the bus because he couldn’t pay the

27. I would like you that again, please.

28. We discussed the problem our way to the office.

29. The school that I went to was 10 miles .

30. It’s a lovely dress but it’s too expensive. I can’t it.

31. They him of taking the money.

32. I don’t think we’ve met before. You’re confusing me with

33. She’d seen the film before, she?

34. Look, there’s the waiter! the bill.

35. I don’t believe him, excuse he offers.

36. How long does it take you to to work every day?

37. She wasn’t to reach the ceiling.

38. We have for a secretary but haven’t appointed anyone yet.

39. I played very badly. I was with myself.

40. He’s a better player than I am so I didn’t expect to him.

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