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Тест по английскому языку 11+

1. Can İ have a of meat please?

2. touch that knife!

3. eggs do we need for the cake?

4. You park your car here. It’s not allowed.

5. She some postcards tomorrow.

6. There is a boat in the water. boat is white.

7. You swim near windsurfers.

8. Lucy a new hat yesterday.

9. eat that slice of pizza?

10. There are two in the office.

11. Bill is going to meet Nina noon.

12. “Did you a letter to your grandma?” “Yes, I did.”

13. There any planes 300 years ago.

14. Jill ride a bike but she can’t drive a car.

15. Mary like white-water rafting?

16. “ do they go swimming?” “Every Saturday.”

17. That’s not Rita’s hat. hat is pink.

18. We a compass and a map.

19. You can’t borrow jacket.

20. Can I have …..glass of water, please?

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