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Тест по английскому языку 11+ (средний уровень и выше)

1. Listen! Someone the bell

2. We to a concert tonight. Here are the tickets.

3. We Ann since she moved to Paris.

4. Beth isn’t at home. She ….. the supermarket.

5. My parents like to classical music.

6. We Tony at the museum two weeks ago.

7. He wants a new mobile phone.

8. What when the earthquake happened?

9. He his homework yet.

10. She left a week .

11. Paella with seafood.

12. You smoke in here.

13. Vegetables are healthier pizza.

14. The man is sitting next to Ann is her uncle.

15. He’s the popular in her class.

16. There’s very milk in the fridge. I’ll buy some.

17. Can I have coffee, please?

18. We travelled to Paris train.

19. Let’s go out, ?

20. If we had more time, we the Prado Museum.

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